Byron Hodgins

Wild Water

The Wild Water paintings were created on the edges of the Minden Wild Water Preserve. I have been visiting the rapids for may years and always made time to paint there. I'm attracted to the sound of the water crashing over the rocks, the power of the colorful waters, the dynamic trees shaped by the water, and the mists and spray glimpsed in the sunlight. I thought that my approach to painting and this location shared a lot in common and would make a powerful series for an exhibition. My interest in painting with bold gestures and rich textures are akin to the water flowing and crashing over the rocks. My use of rich color might do justice for the amazing greens in the trees and bubbly waters. By painting on location I believe its like to tuning in the alive energy and direct beauty of nature which allows a deeper awareness for painting. These paintings benefited greatly from this sustained project, becoming more focused and exciting. My hope is to highlight this special place and honor my experience while being at rapids- to share with you this feeling and energy embodied in the paintings. 

Earthy Vacation, oil, 43x55, 2020.

Artificial Red, oil, 43x40,  2020.

Water Rising, oil, 43x55, 2020. SOLD

Matters of the Heart, oil, 43x55, 2020. SOLD

Splash, oil, 40x43, 2020.

Wild One, oil, 43x55, 2020.

Otter Slide, oil, 43x55, 2020.

Rock Dagger, oil,  43x55, 2020. SOLD

Wild Water, oil, 43x55, 2020.

Raspberry Thunder, oil, 43x55, 2020.

Wild Water Preserve, Minden, ON. Raspberry Thunder, oil on canvas, 43x55, 2020.

Wild Water, Art Exhibit

123 Maple Avenue, Haliburton, Ontario, K0M 1S0


September 4-6th, 11 to 4 pm
Oct 3-4th, 11 to 4 pm
or by appointment.

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