Byron Hodgins


Byron Hodgins received a B.F.A from Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. He lives and works in Ottawa and has exhibited across Canada. He is fascinated with documenting the most ordinary parts of the everyday and the imaginary life inspired by nature.

His work has been featured by organizations such as Magazine 1968, and reviewed by the Toronto Star.


Hodgins uses landscape like a mirror. Through colour, abstract symbolism, and grand romantic gestures the visible exterior manifest the invisible interior until the two are irrevocably intermingled. Here an innate understanding of the metaphysical expresses itself through nature,where each curve of light becomes a stroke in an almost holy alphabet. The results are trance-like meditations on the illusion of duality, a challenge to the viewer to see their oneness with the world so seemingly around them.  

Collections include:

  • Ontario Government Archive
  • Annexe OAG GAO Ottawa
  • Private and corporate collections across Canada

Selected Clients

  • CFA Gallery Toronto
  • Nuebacher Shor Contemporary
  • Jennifer Leskiw Contempoary
  • InAbstracto Toronto
  • Gladstone Hotel Art Hut
  • Corner Gallery, Haliburton

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