Byron Hodgins

Autumn Gold

The fall season is finally here, and it brings with it the colors and textures that have inspired plein air painters throughout Canadian landscape painting. 

I have gathered a selection of fall paintings that capture a variety of approaches to the season. From the near completely abstract painting called 'Orange Crush' and 'Forest Mirage,' to the a smaller playful representations of 'Burnt River' and 'Autumn Gold.' All the paintings were created in the Haliburton forests and trails around the Burnt River.  For a landscape painter, there is nothing quite like seeing all the color in the trees, and on the forest floor once the leaves have fallen. 

The works highlight my interest in abstract painting, the inter-networking of surfaces of the forest floor,  sheering paint surfaces and flecks of color, the broad movement of the trees and my most wild brush gestures loaded with heavy paint for maximum texture and realism. I like to refer to this group of work as 'the secret life of leaves.' 

Please join us NOV 7th, 11am to 4pm for the final day of the exhibition. 

123 Maple Ave


Hot Old School, oil on canvas, 43"x54", 2019.

Purple Haze, oil on canvas, 43"x54", 2019.

Forest Mirage, oil on canvas, 48"x60", 2019.

Autumn Gold, oil on canvas, 24"x30", 2017.

Burnt River, oil on canvas, 24"x30", 2018.

Twin Trees in Autumn, oil on canvas, 24"x30", 2017.

Orange Crush, oil on canvas, 54"x43", 2017.

Autumn Fire, oil on canvas, 54"x43", 2020.

Fall Rhapsody, oil on canvas, 43"x54", 2020.

Autumn Trial, oil on canvas, 16"x20", 2019.

Autumn Trail, Ottawa, oil on canvas, 54x43, 2020.

Forest Glen, oil on canvas, 43" x 54", 2020.

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