Byron Hodgins

Custom Landscapes

Have a trail you want painted? A cottage on the lake with the best sunset? Would you like a custom landscape painting with a house portrait? I can help!


I am able to make a custom canvas in any size to fit your home. From a small 8"x10" to 48"x60", or anything in between. A simple consultation with a photo of the wall and I can create a concept image for you to consider.


I have painted hundreds of landscapes in a variety of styles in all seasons. I can match your aesthetic style and create the perfect painting for your tastes. Examples of work from each season and style are available on request.


As a plein air painter I prefer to paint on location on your property. Typically I will paint two paintings, a sketch and the full scale work.  


The paintings range in price from sketches $425 to $825, and the full scale works between $1350 and $3350. I am able to work on site in all seasons as long as its not raining, or snowing. Time frame is usually 2-4 weeks planning the trip and 1-2 days on your property. Full scale oil paintings dry approximately 3 to 6 months and small sketches 10 days. Clients can opt to have the work stay on site to dry, or return at a later date.

If you have questions about the possibles for your painting, please reach out and we can start the process today!

A few questions:

What is your favorite season?

What size wall do your have?

What is your budget for the painting?

What is the lighting like for the painting?

What are your favorite colors?

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