Fire and Ice

Winter landscape painting is arguably the best time of the year for color and plein air painting. The sunlight in the winter is often thought of as grey and overcast, but often when the sun is out, it will reflect the sunlight and brighten the landscape. These paintings highlight the red and blue, warm and cool aspects of the landscape, the rough and soft textures of the snow, and the clear blue sky only winter can provide. I have paired the winter painting with a selection of hot and summery experiences of the sun. The sun in each season effect overall effect of the landscape. 

The gallery will be open by appointment. Please call 647-607-2937. 

123 Maple Ave


 Fire and Ice, oil on canvas, 43”x55”, 2018.$3350.

Liberty Grand, oil on canvas, 30”x40”, 2018. $1650. 

Vortices, oil on canvas, 43”x55”, 2019. $3350.

Hot Spot, oil on canvas, 24”x30”, 2017. $1350.

Accumulation Trail, Frost Center, oil on canvas,43”x55”, 2018. $3350.

Red Landscape, oil on canvas, 43”x54”, 2020. $3350.

Spring Water, Minden Wild Water Preserve, oil oncanvas, 48”x48”, 2019. $3350.

Winter Trial, oil on canvas, 45”x36”, 2019.$2800.

Fire and Ice, Art Exhibit

123 Maple Avenue, Haliburton, Ontario, K0M 1S0



Preview Nov 5th- 11am to 4pm.

123 Maple Ave


Please do not hesitate to call and arrange a exhibition viewing


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