Byron Hodgins

The artworks delve into the merging point of landscapes and personal narratives, blending plein air techniques with dreamy imaginings. Artistic direction undergoes a transformation, integrating contemplative studio sessions into his process; the outcomes embody a distinct perspective, forging a fresh aesthetic at the juncture of mental exploration and landscape depiction.

Prisoner of the Wind, oil, 43x54, 2021. $3350.

Prisoner of the Wind, oil, 43x54, 2021. $3350.

When you are dead and can dance, oil, 43x54, 2021. $3350.

Reach up to the painted sky, oil, 54x43, 2021. $3350

Self-portrait, oil on panel, 8"x10", 2021.

Brighter Shore, acrylic on oil on canvas, 52"x70", 2018.

Gathering Place, acrylic and oil on canvas, 43x54, 2019.

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