We Are Gathered

 Corner gallery is proud and excited to display a selection of the work of Byron Hodgins in an exhibition called 'We are gathered.' The paintings focus on the intersection of landscape and biography, weaving plein air painting and dreamy imagination. The work marks a shift in Hodgins' image-making, now infusing studio meditations in his practice; the results accumulate unique vision and new aesthetic of the borderlands of mind and landscape painting. 

August 14th to 29th- Open Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm. Or by appointment.

Corner Gallery
123 Maple Ave

Prisoner of the Wind, oil, 43x54, 2021. $3350.

Prisoner of the Wind, oil, 43x54, 2021. $3350.

When you are dead and can dance, oil, 43x54, 2021. $3350.

Reach up to the painted sky, oil, 54x43, 2021. $3350

Self-portrait, oil on panel, 8"x10", 2021.

Brighter Shore, acrylic on oil on canvas, 52"x70", 2018.

Gathering Place, acrylic and oil on canvas, 43x54, 2019.

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